Cost and Revenue

The initial setting up of this programme can only play the role of a pump- priming exercise. The sustainability of this venture is dependent on a well- established revenue stream. While the margins need to be kept low in order to make it affordable for the local population, they must also take into account the realities of providing cardiac care which is a relatively expensive area in the spectrum of health care delivery. The cost of procedures would include normal hospital costs of salaries, hotel i.e. accommodation and food, disposable equipment and consumables such as drugs, reasonable but competitive professional fees, return on capital to maintain and renew equipment and a provision to provide treatment totally free of charge. This should be possible within the current costs per procedure incurred in Colombo hospitals of LRs 600K per case inflation indexed.

Revenue Source:

1. Self-paying patients

2. Insured patients

3. Patients financed by relatives

4. President’s Fund

5. Charities and Trusts

6. Non-governmental agencies