The Oxonian Heart Foundation (OHF) and the Northern Central Hospital (NCH) The involvement of the OHF in this venture is as follows:

1. Provide funds for the additional equipment needed to set up cardiac surgery at the NCH

2. Provide funds for the training of support personnel that will constitute the cardiac surgical team.

3. Provide funds for the support team from Oxford that will initiate, train, monitor and support the programme in the short term, until it is established.

4. Provide funds for overseas specialists (from India, Singapore who have already offered their time) who will help support the programme until it is established.

5. Establish a fund for treating the destitute for free. Non-medical Personnel: Personnel required for a cardiac surgical programme will need to be trained from scratch. The Srimati Gnanambikai Trust (SGT, details below) will pay the salaries for 5 enthusiastic and committed individuals to be trained in Colombo, in the areas of Cardiac Intensive care (2 nurses), theatre nursing (2 nurses), Cardio-pulmonary perfusionist (1) and cardiac technician (1).