Extra Funding

Equipment: Estimated Costs US$ 900 K:

Heart – Lung Machine (2)

Theatre Monitoring of parameters (3)

Sets of specialist cardiac surgical instruments (3)

Anaesthetic machine (2)

Blood gas analyser (2)

Ventilators (6)

Monitors for Intensive Care (4)

Pumps for delivery of drugs and infusions (24)

Intra Aortic Balloon pump (2)

Heart Valves (100)

Training: Estimated Cost US$ 800 K:

Local training, overseas training overseas input to initiate and monitor programme.This would include accommodation, transportation and any payments due for expertise and consultancies.

Service provision: Estimated Cost US$ 300 K:

Establish a fund for treating the genuinely destitute. At this stage, the total cost estimated is US$ 2million. The Trustees have established a legal binding contract, with the Northern Central Hospital, a mechanism by which the donated value of the fund is sustained. The Northern Central Hospital will undertake to treat patients who are destitute from this fund. A percentage from the revenue accrued would be identified for this purpose.