Report from the Chairman of the Oxonian Heart Foundation for 2016

4 Jan 2017

This current year (2016) has been a time of consolidation and concentration on educational, infection control and clinical governance aspects of providing a modern and safe health care environment to the patients. The 'knock on ' effects of the introduction of cardiac surgery to the Northern Central Hospital Jaffna has lead to the raising of standards generally. More specifically the achievement of being supported by funding from the Presidents Fund has also taken the clinical program forwards.


1. Over fifty cardiac surgical procedures have now been undertaken in Jaffna. Four patients,including two with congenital heart disease have had totally free procedure while several of the others have been subsidised to a grater or lesser extent by the OHF or NCH.

We must congratulate and celebrate the generous donors to the OHF and the staff of the NCH in this achievement. 


2. The OHF set up a modular six month course for nurses covering the major part of the role of nursing and the knowledge requirement to look after patients with cardiac and related conditions. We have been supported by the Nursing school at the Jaffna teaching hospital in this endeavour. Nurses on the course are limited to fifteen per course and provided with a certificate on satisfactory completion.



3. A targeted 'educational' donation has enabled the appointment of a 'Matron' in charge of clinical standards and education. The appointee is  a very senior nurse with experience in Sri Lanka in the government and private sectors. She also has worked abroad for a period of eight years.


4. Generous support from the British Council in Sri Lanka has provide an opportunity to ten students to improve their written and spoken skills in the English language. The classes are conducted at the British Council in Jaffna. 



5. Dr K Gnakanthan, consultant cardiac surgeon, has joined the board of trustees of the Oxonian Heart Foundation in Sri Lanka. Amongst other centres he was a trainee surgeon, as the overseas Fellow, at the John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford in the mid 2000s.