S Ponnasamy

The establishment of the Northern Central Hospital (NCH) is the culmination of a long cherished dream of Mr S.P. Samy, who has over five decades of successful business experience and is a zealous visionary whose desire has been to contribute to among other projects and social welfare measures to the health care needs of the local community. The Northern Central Hospital (Private) Ltd is a SLR 400 million Institution to provide the infrastructure facility to deliver healthcare over a broad spectrum of specialities.

NCH is part of the S.P. Samy group of companies that own and manage several medium and large enterprises. These include the Central Hospital, Jaffna, The Thinakural Tamil Newspaper, The Thinakural Guest House, Nallur, Jaffna and other assets for potential development in the tourism sector.

The Central Hospital was opened in 1976 and continues to provide health care. This experience is invaluable in the management of the new institution. With the return of normalcy since the end of the conflict and the return of significant numbers of the population there is an increasing demand for world-class health care. The NCH is in response to this need and the aspirations of the local population.

Mr S.P. Samy is the Chairman and CEO of the Group and Dr. S Kesheveraj is the Director of the Northern Central hospital.